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Selfie Stand Features


Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with a custom overlay. Guests can then share their photo instantly.


Create a buzz with the GIF Animation option…Guests can take a series of photos that our software will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be instantly shared.


One of our most popular features, Burst captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live action “photo”. Select reverse to create awesome boomerang GIFs ready for sharing.

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We Make it Easy to Share Socially

All of our services come with instant social sharing capabilities. As your guests or customers go through their photo experience, they can instantly send photos to their phones via text or email and post directly to social media. This greatly increases the overall engagement between the user and your brand or event.


Optimize Your Experience

Online Gallery

Nobody wants to wait to see photos from their wedding. Our software instantly uploads every photo to an online gallery for you and your guests to share and enjoy!


We have a several backdrops to choose from or we can use one of yours. Our Selfie Stands also work great with no backdrop at all! 


We have a large collection of templates to choose from or you can create your own, custom template to match your wedding!

Live Slideshow

Share your photos in real-time with a live slideshow – perfect for a large screen or projector at your venue.

Unlimited Sessions

Real-time view of photos, data captured, social shares, web activity and more.

Digital Props

We have a large selection of digital props that use facial recognition that guests can choose from

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